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My-Space Invading Imeem

by on December 8, 2009

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Myspace buys out Imeem.

As of Tuesday December 8th, Imeem is no longer available to the public. What does that mean for the people?? Well no more user made playlists, cool iPhone applications or the leisure listening with a click of the button.  Many of you may have already experienced this if you’ve tried to visit lately. If not, then go ahead and try it.

Oh the horror!! As soon as Myspace is dubbed as  the lowest-rated social networking site for anyone over the age of 16, they find a way to creep back and strike everyone where it hurts.

“MySpace noted that it will be “working as quickly as possible” to migrate “aspects of” Imeem to MySpace Music.”noted from the press release on Tuesday.

Can someone say Bullshit….

Not knocking Myspace at all, but Imeem was solely about finding the music YOU wanted when YOU wanted. None of the garage bands who bombard each member with a thousand friend request in hopes to be signed without grind. Imeem was a place to explore new artist, music genres and playlist that would suffice for the mood at the time. R.I.P to one of the greatest sites alive.

Hope is not all lost though. This could create the birth of something bigger than Myspace and Imeem….. hopefully.

Being this optimistic might cause the cookiez to go BAD

-Here’s a link to the source article:,2817,2356828,00.asp



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  1. Joe Schmoe permalink

    Yo I’m testing the Comments. To make sure it works

  2. I’m joining the club. Testing the comments too!

  3. JUJU permalink

    DUDE what the crap i just used imeem the other night to find some good classical music playlists. WHY WOULD THEY SELL OUT TO MYSPACE… this is horrible.

  4. ^^Yes. Very horrible. I’m soooo upset about this. I had some awesome playlists on imeem 😦

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