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Album Review: “LOVEnd” by Chase N. Cashe

by on December 12, 2009

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The world needs more instrumental albums like this one. I’m loving this new release from rising super-producer, Chase N. Cashe of Surf Club, a subsidiary of Polow Da Don‘s Zone 4 Inc / Interscope. I posted some of his work here before. It’s funny, I remember Chase N. Cashe from often. He was a member there and often posted in the forums, among the rest of us members. It’s amazing to see where he ended up. Make sure you follow him on twitter!  Here’s my little review of his amazing project:

This album immediately grabs you with its big opener, “Evol”. It’s like an urban R&B/pop song with a cinematic feel to it. Very dope indeed. The following track, “Stoopid”, features vocals from Gucci Mane. This track is very interesting, as it starts off with that familiar down-south bounce and then picks up by using a cut-time technique to give it a more upbeat feel. The 808s in this hit hard!  The viola line heard throughout this joint is a nice touch too. The next track, “SkyHIGH”, is fire!! I’m lovin’ this one! I can definitely hear a Pop/R&B smash over this beat. Chase N. Cashe’s drums are definitely on point. I wish he’d lend a brotha some of his collection haha. Anyway moving on, “Soldi di Amina”, is pretty awesome too. It starts out really smooth with a gated synth arp over some down south drums. And then the low, trapper-rapper horns come in and sets the whole thing off! I can hear Jeezy on this with a singer. Jeezy seems to like rockin’ over joints with those horns in them.  Next, is the title track, “LOVEnd”. This is one of my favorites off this whole project, along with the intro track. I love the chords in this track. This track effectively goes from sounding abstract, atmospheric, and experimental to sounding like something that fans of mainstream music on the radio can definitely get into when the hook comes in.  Chase N. Cashe shows here that he knows how to balance what he likes and what he’s feeling with what the public will enjoy.  He’s one of those producers who knows how to impress his peers, while also pleasing his fans.  He does this all while keeping that down-south bounce too. He’s the king of that!

The interlude, “Alone”, is another example of Chase’s ability to effectively bend genres. All I have to say about this is wow. A great chilled-out mixture of Pop, Hip hop, and Rock that sounds like it can really cross over. This track brings to mind one of my favorite genre-bending rock bands, Linkin Park. I can sooo hear Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington over this beat. I think Chase ought to get in touch with and make history with a full project with this sound and feel to it. “One Way Highway” samples from “24 or 6 to 4”, one of my favorite songs from the fusion rock band from the 70s, Chicago. Chase adds a very nice urban twist to the sample. There’s no chopping here. He keeps true to the original song, while adding his own material. Definitely sounds like an awesome tribute to the band. So, about halfway through the album, Chase switches it up with an Electro/House/IDM – sounding joint, called “Dubbin”. This track made me realize his creative and musical genius. I had no idea he’d be into this style of music, let alone being capable of effectively creating it! This guy has some serious musical range. I can see that the record biz isn’t the only place where he could make money off of his music. He really can get into the licensing game as well.

We’re on the home stretch of the album now, with the last 7 of the 15 tracks. “Island Girl” is Number 9. This one is another genre-bender. I’m lovin’ the drums on this one. That kick is mean! And the synths used here are very interesting. “Blow Your Head Up” is another “wow” moment for me. The track opens with an ethnic flute line over some pretty awesome drum work. There’s some poly-rhythms going on which gives it even more of an ethnic feel. But then, out of nowhere, you’re introduced to some lush Fender Rhodes chords that just compliment the track so perfectly. And along with that, the feel of the drums seem to change into a more slow-moving, R&B feel common in what most like to call “baby-making” records, all while keeping that same flute line that opened the track. This beat is just plain awesome. Nice one, Chase! Next is “M.O.N.E.Y”. This joint has a real abstract and atmospheric feel to it. It sounds like it needs to be accompanied by something visual, as it definitely paints a picture. Not as much going on as in the previous tracks, but I digs it. The next joint, “L’angeles” immediately grabbed me. And it kept me. This sounds like it belongs on a project by Kanye West. Dope synths, hard-hitting drums, and a nice piano melody. What else could you possibly ask for? Next is “Have You Seen Her” which features a hook from Surf Club’s extremely talented artist, Chili Chil. I’m diggin’ this track a lot. Chili’s hook is a perfect touch, too. If you want to hear more from him, I recommend that you goto Chase’s blog. They frequently post exclusive tracks they produce and many of them feature Chili Chil as the primary vocalist.

The final two tracks are instrumental-only versions of “Stoopid” with Gucci Mane and “Have You Seen Her” with Chili Chil. Chase N. Cashe is simply a dope producer who is on his way to garnering that coveted title of “super-producer”. He really has no choice, as he’s signed to one of today’s biggest super-producers, Polow Da Don. So if you aren’t already familiar with him, then get familiar. Below are a few of my favorites from the album:



“Blow Your Head Up”

So make sure you download the album and enjoy!


  1. Lola permalink

    Thanks for this awesome review, Im only recently getting into instrumentals and these tracks are strong. Great recommendation

    • You are very welcome Lola! Thanks for checking it out. Stay tuned for more! 🙂

  2. karma permalink

    you wouldn’t happen to know the password for the zip file would you?

  3. Are u sure it’s prompting you for a password? I just downloaded the .zip file and it extracts fine for me. Did you click the image of the cover to get to the mediafire link?

  4. Yeah I downloaded from both links lol.. same thing.. i downloaded this mixtape from about 6 different sites.. they all prompt me for a password.. I’m starting to think it isn’t meant to be 😦

  5. karma and sus88:
    I just talked to Chase N. Cashe about it and he said that you have to use zipeg extractor in order for it to work. I use WinRAR and it worked fine for me as well. What I’ll do is re-compile the LP using WinRAR with no password protection and then reupload it. I’ll let you know when the link is updated.

    I apologize for the inconvenience

  6. You The Fu*king Best!

  7. thanks alot! I just updated the links for u. try it out now and see how it works out for ya

  8. Went through without a glitch. I’ve been trying to listen to this all week lol, I appreciate this more than you know. thank you.

  9. haha, ur very welcome! I’m glad I was able to help u out. don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me if u ever experience any other problems.


  10. A Reader! permalink

    Thanks for this !! Looking for mixtape a while and finally found a working link !!

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