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NEW: Willie B & Chevy Jones – “Womp Womp” [Prod. by Willie B.] (Video)

by on December 21, 2009

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Check out this hot new joint by Willie B. and Chevy Jones. I honestly have not heard of either of them, but this song of theirs is seriously dope!  I dig everything about it: the beat, the verses, the hook, the video, everything!  The beat sort of reminds me of something that Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids would do, but outside of that, I wouldn’t say that the two groups are anything alike. Props to Willie B. on the production. I did some research on this cat, and this dude’s got heat! I especially dug the girl, Chevy Jones’ verse. She came with it on hers. It’s good to see another dope female emcee on the rise. I personally prefer this chick over Nicki Minaj (EDIT: I did some more research on Chevy Jones. She’s is also a mutli-talented singer/songwriter/emcee). After doing some research, I’ve discovered that Willie B. is actually more than just an emcee. He’s also an accomplished producer, songwriter, and he’s down with the 1500 or Nothin’ crew. Those of you who know about them, know that anyone affiliated with them is no doubt on top of their game and a master of their craft.

So enjoy the video!

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Props to Paperboy Fabe!



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  1. I am totally astonished how many people who are completely untalented are there to make us completely sick. The music and vocals are more than disgusting they are horrible. It is obviously made by first grade mentally retarded twats. And this video is the most ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Is it made by first grade mentally retarded director too? There is a thing called MUSIC which is never going to be understood by those people. I don’t see how people (obviously deaf ones) can like this piece of ugly shit. Let’s not say that the whole thing is STOLEN from a Russian patriotic (or something) song parodied countless times. Sounding like a monkey throughout the whole song is not musical – it’s idiotic.

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