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Mixtape Review: EarthGang Presents – “The Better Party”

by on January 30, 2010

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It’s always great when you come across an artist or group who can successfully ‘go left’, as they say, and still appeal to a large number of fans. In fact, that’s a skill that every creative person with artistic integrity dreams of. These guys, EarthGang, have done just that and then some. The first real show they performed together was to a crowd of 3,000 people. Hailing from the world-famous Atlanta, Georgia, EarthGang consists of two very talented emcees. Johnny Venus and Sir Hobbes. EarthGang is a duo of  innovators in an industry full of followers, biters, and cheap imitations looking for a quick buck. Here are a few of my favorite songs off of their latest effort, The Better Party.

“Booom (EG Rock)”

This is the song of theirs that’s been buzzing around the the net since early last year. I’ve been listening to it since about last month. To me, this song perfectly sums up EarthGang as a group. It’s their “Through the Wire”, if you will. It’s a high-energy, uptempo blend of hip hop, rock, and pop that boasts an overall sound that has the potential to appeal to many different audiences. They both go in on their verses too. That, to me, is their biggest strength: their rapping abililty. It’s hard to believe this is their first official record. I feel like I’m listening to a couple of seasoned veterans.

“Ms. Evette”

This is my favorite song on the project. This joint actually features a verse from Euro P. Gold who really does his thing on it. Sir Hobbes’s verse is my favorite, though. He goes second. This is one of the highlights of the mixtape. All three emcees get very lyrical about a (fictional?) chick named Evette.

“Kick’n It”

Here, EarthGang goes in over some good ol’ sample-based boom-bap. I love how Johnny Venus comes off on his verse (He has the first verse on this joint). He kills it. And then Sir Hobbes comes in and cleans house. This joint made me realize their range as a group. They can sound good over many different kinds of beats.

Sir Hobbes and Johnny Venus are more than just two emcees collaborating with one another. When you hear them on a track together, you’re hearing a real group with real chemistry. Listening to one of them, makes you look forward to hearing what the other has to say.

Although they are emcees, EarthGang  also shows that they have the beginnings of a sound that can crossover to audiences beyond just hip hop fans; a trait they share with groups like Outkast, Gnarls Barkley, and The Black Eyed Peas. And fortunately for them, that’s exactly the type of success major record labels dream of achieving. One of the most annoying things about many up-and-comers out there is that too many of them make false claims of being “different”. EarthGang, on the other hand, lets their music speak for itself and they truly are unique. These guys have a bright future ahead of them. Make sure you download the mixtape now! And don’t hesitate to reach out to them on Twitter. Their links are below:

Johnny Venus on Twitter | Sir Hobbes on Twitter | Earth Gang’s Official Website



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