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Producer Spotlight: Beewirks

by on February 2, 2010

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FreshCookiez recently had to the honor and pleasure of choppin’ it up with talented up-and-coming producer, Beewirks. Though you may not know his name, you probably have heard his work – especially if you’re a Jeezy fan. Hailing from the birthplace of Hip hop, Beewirks is the producer of Young Jeezy’s street record, “I Got This (Don’t Worry)” for his upcoming and highly-anticipated album, TM103.

Get to know Beewirks as he discusses his humble beginnings in production with Fruityloops in his college dorm, his relationship with his close friend and mentor Just Blaze, and his upcoming LP with buzzing emcee, D. Schwartz among many other things. Enjoy!

Young Jeezy – “I Got This” (Don’t Worry)

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FreshCookiez: So to kick things off, who is Beewirks for those out there who don’t know?

Beewirks: I’m a regular guy, just like anyone out here, I just happen to be fairly decent in making music.

FreshCookiez: Where are you from?

Beewirks: I’m from the Bronx. [I’ve] lived there until i came to Pittsburgh for college. Now i live in Pittsburgh.

FreshCookiez: What’s the hip hop scene like in Pittsburgh?

Beewirks: I’m not really in tune with the situation out here, most people I’ve come in contact with in Pittsburgh can’t rap, but there are a few people that I think have promise. Other than that, I don’t really follow Pittsburgh music.

FreshCookiez: I see. How did you get your start in music production? Who are you influences?

Beewirks: I got my start in production in college at the University of Pittsburgh from 2 of my neighbors at the dorms. One of my roommates had Fruity Loops and let me have the program. That’s when I started dabbling in production. I never really paid it much attention until 2006. That’s when i officially began making beats. My influences are first and foremost, my good friend and mentor Just Blaze. He’s the reason why I wanted to produce for a living [and] where I got my style from. Other than that, I listen to a lot of other producers. Most recently DJ Khalil; his style is refreshing and vintage at the same time. Another influence is my good friend, $port. The music he makes keeps me on my toes and makes me want to get better always.

FreshCookiez: Wow, to have Just Blaze as a mentor is like every producer’s dream. I can definitely hear his influence in your sound. And DJ Khalil is just a beast hands down. He’s a great person to study from as well. So how long has it been since you started producing?

Beewirks: Since February of 2006. That’s when I made my first beat. It was terrible [laughs], but yea that’s when I started.

FreshCookiez: [Laughs] Well you gotta start somewhere. You’ve definitely come a long way and fairly quickly too.

Beewirks: Yeah, that’s what everyone says. I guess I’m lucky.

FreshCookiez: Yeah, either that or you just have natural talent. Did you have any prior music experience before you started making beats? Also, how did you come into contact with Just Blaze?

Beewirks: Nah, no musical experience. Just a healthy musical appetite. I’ve never been afraid to listen to other genres of music either. One thing about me that people don’t know is that I listen to death metal as much as I listen to hip hop and rap. As for Just Blaze, our relationship was developed from us liking movies. I used to always hit him with movie titles and after a while it was like talking to my big brother. We’ve been family ever since.

FreshCookiez: That’s really cool. Having a great ear for music is more important for a producer than anything else, in my opinion. Are there any placements of yours that you’d like people to know about?

Beewirks: Just the 2 joints I did for Cam’ron and Vado: “Soul Plane” on Boss of All Bosses Part 1, and “Lonely” on Boss of All Bosses Part 2. [Also] the Young Jeezy “I Got This (Don’t Worry)” street song he did recently. [I] also got this project with D. Schwartz that I’m real excited about.

FreshCookiez: Can you tell me more about that project with D. Schwartz? The single, “Foot On the Gas Pedal” has been buzzin’ around the net.

Beewirks: Well, I saw [D. Schwartz] on Nahright like in December for the crime wave freestyle he did. I liked it and hit him up on Twitter asking for more material, I gave him a couple of beats and that was that, we just started making records and I just told him we should drop a free EP. The “Foot On the Gas” record was like the 4th record we recorded. I remember telling him to keep making the music regardless of what subject matter he wanted to entertain. I [told] him to just keep his foot on the gas so we could have some material to listen to. That’s how the whole concept came about. The theme of the EP follows two people: D. Schwartz and his friend. Different songs pertain to the two different characters. We go inside the mind of a socially neglected individual who can’t cope with the stress and we follow [D. Schwartz], who is trying to find himself as a human being and artist.

D-Wirks – “Foot On the Gas Pedal”

FreshCookiez: That sounds like a dope concept. I love projects that have themes to them. It makes them that much more exciting and interesting to listen to.

Beewirks: Yeah me too. I’m past the mindless rap chatter stuff, [because] It’s not appealing and has been done. Conceptual records are dope if done right. In rock & roll and progressive rock, they talk about all different types of things. Why can’t we bring that into hip hop? I’m tired of the regular topics in hip hop.

FreshCookiez: Yeah. And I’ve noticed that with most well-received and critically acclaimed albums. They usually follow a theme or concept whether it’s sonically or lyrically, like the first Blueprint. Can you break down the beat to “Foot On the Gas Pedal”? How did it come about?

Beewirks: That’s an old beat. I just found the sample. [I] forget where, [laughs]. I just found the sample and chopped it up basically. It was one of my regular days in college, [so] I didn’t really think too much of it.

FreshCookiez: Well it eventually became a dope song.

Beewirks: Yeah its just one of the beats I never really thought much of until there were lyrics laid to it.

FreshCookiez: What kind of beats do you enjoy making the most? Are you strictly a sample-based producer?

Beewirks: No, I’m not strictly sample based, but that’s what I started on. I just do what I feel at the moment. But there isn’t a feeling in the world that compares to a insane sample. I just like making whatever feels right. No matter what type of beat it is.

FreshCookiez: I see. Very true. That’s a good attitude to have about it making music.

Beewirks: Yeah it is.

FreshCookiez: So if you could go in and work with anyone in the industry right now, who would it be?

Beewirks: Jay-Z of course. That’s my favorite rapper of all time.

FreshCookiez: Good choice. I’m a Jigga fan myself.

Beewirks: Yeah, man.

FreshCookiez: I actually think he’d sound dope over your beats. Perhaps Just Blaze could hook that up for you. Or a Beewirks x Jay-z remix album. That would be dope too.

Beewirks: I wish. But nah, you can see his style taking a different turn right now. I actually remixed the American Gangster album. It’s on the net somewhere. *[Note: You can download the project here. It’s called American Racketeer]*

FreshCookiez: Really? I’m gonna have to find that then. So do you have any last words for all the readers out there?

Beewirks: I don’t wanna be all cliche and be like “2010 is my year! Look out!” and all that, all i wanna say is make honest music and enjoy what you’re doing. Also don’t be a dumbass when your trying to pitch your music. Saying “yo i got that fire” to someone will automatically cause them to dismiss u [laughs]. Just look for my name from time to time. I hope to make some noise this year, but who knows. Shout out to Just Blaze and $port.

Beewirks on Twitter | Beewirks on Myspace


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