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Artist Spolight: Tydis (Interview)

by on February 14, 2010

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Photo by William Olguin | | William Olguin’s Flickr


I was very excited to have the opportunity to catch up with and interview rising pop star and latest Jive records signee, Tydis for this site. With all the hype surrounding him, I knew it was imperative that I sit down and get a thorough and accurate account of his career from the man himself. Pay attention. Tydis has quite a bright future ahead of him, and you WILL be seeing (and hearing) a lot of him in the near future. He is a true 21st-century, DIY artist who managed to make the labels come to him, just like The Cool Kids, Soulja Boy, and Drake.

Read on and learn about him, as he speaks about his humble beginnings in St. Louis, shares how he got signed with Jive records, and imparts his wisdom about becoming successful in the music industry.

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FreshCookiez: So first off, who is Tydis for those out there who are unfamiliar?

Tydis: Tydis is a Pop mega-star and icon, I would say. But at the same time, I want to let people know that anything is possible for those who believe. [I want to] give hope to everyone and let them know that being humble and staying true to yourself can get you far in life.

FreshCookiez: That’s really cool. So where are you from?

Tydis: I’m from St. Louis, Missouri. I’m the first Pop singer out of St. Louis; well singer [in general] from out here, so I’m holding it down for all the singers from St. Louis but I was blessed with a talent that’s different. I never come the same way [twice] on a song I do. Plus I write all my music.

FreshCookiez: What was it like growing up in St. Louis? How has it influenced your music?

Tydis: Well my mother and my family are very supportive of what I do. It’s different, I would say, but everyone has a struggle to reach their goal or a test to get to their goals. But in St. Louis, it’s more of a rapper city you know? So a lot of rap is played here. I love Hip hop, but I [also] listen to Rock and R&B/Pop. There really wasn’t a scene for singers out here until now you know? I love creating music. I love the melodies and the the sounds. What inspires me the most is the people.

FreshCookiez: You mean the people who listen to your music?

Tydis: Yes. I make music for everyone. Never a limited amount. I was blessed with a very big fan base before I signed my deal and also blessed to have all of my music played in other countries like Germany, China, countries in South America, and other states like Louisiana, Florida, New York; so many places. It’s a blessing.

FreshCookiez: That’s awesome, man. Can you tell me a little more about your deal with Hitz Committee/Jive Records? How did that all come about?

Tydis: Well, it’s Trak Starz/Hitz Committee/Jive records [laughs]. I have a big team but all of the big artists have big teams. My manager, Travis Nelson, was the first person to believe in me. It’s like Lil Wayne and Baby [laughs]. The Trak Starz have been holding me down with the beats and everything and they set up a lot of things for me. They really have my back. I’ve been knowing Memphitz (Owner of Hitz Committee) for a while but we reunited threw the smallest thing. It’s crazy how God works you know?

FreshCookiez: What happened?

Tydis: They heard my voice on a song that was playing at the labels and they were like, “who is that? his voice is different. Wow.” [Laughs] And they said, “that’s Tydis, from St. Louis”. At the time I was number one on MySpace, so I was happy about that too. [I was also] in best new songs on and so many other things. They saw all of that and the love that I was getting from around the world. But back to what I was saying. I was doing a song with one of their artists. His name is Huey. Shout out to him. He shows me mad love for real. He put in a great word for me and other people were also telling [Hitz Committee] about me. And what had happened was Memph flew down to see me. I was with the Trak Starz and my manager and after that it was magic. [Then, I] flew to New York where I met Barry [Weiss]. And I performed in front of them. [Author’s Note: Barry Weiss serves as President and CEO of Zomba Label Group of Sony BMG Music Entertainment. He also serves as President of Jive Records.]

FreshCookiez: That’s crazy. So were you signed on the spot?

Tydis: Yeah. I’m excited because they were telling me I can be an icon, you know? Like, “you’re Micheal, you’re Prince”. I can be Tydis.

FreshCookiez: Yeah, that’s a good attitude to have. Just do you and make it happen. So how did you get started in music in the first place?

Tydis: Well I’ve been singing since I was five. But I was doing things around St. Louis [such as] shows and stuff and [performing] in school. But I linked up with Travis and we just went hard on everything and put the music out there and [the fans] just came. But I’m doing music for a greater call, you know?

FreshCookiez: I feel you. What would that be?

Tydis: I can’t say right now but soon all will see. So I’m just going to show people. That’s always better.

Photo by William Olguin | | William Olguin’s Flickr

FreshCookiez: That’s very true. So who, would you say, are your influences? Who in music inspires you?

Tydis: Well, my favorite artists are Prince, Micheal Jackson, and Justin Timberlake. But I don’t really listen to other music because I love to create my own, you know? [I want] a different sound. I do it for the people. I love to create my music. Oh, and I like to listen to Classical music.

FreshCookiez: You mentioned earlier that you write as well. Do you plan on doing any songwriting for other artists in the future?

Tydis: Yeah, and I have landed some songs for some very big artists. I’m not greedy. I’m starting something like The Clutch. I’m going to write hits for everyone [laughs].

FreshCookiez: [Laughs] That’s good to hear. I actually look forward to hearing some of your placements. Keep me updated on that.

Tydis: I got you, bro. Yeah man, I’m going to do everything. I’m a really good actor too. The next Brad Pitt [laughs].

FreshCookiez: [Laughs] That’s what’s up man. You got any movies in the works yet?

Tydis: Yeah. But everyone will see. A lot is going down this year.

FreshCookiez: You’re definitely gettin’ it in. Can you walk me through the making of your song, “Make Me Say”? How did it come about?

Tydis: Well, I was in the studio with the Trak Starz and they were making beats and we had recorded 5 songs that day too. It was really late, like 4:00 [in the morning] or maybe later. But I heard the beat and I went in the booth and laid down some words and everyone was excited like, “Tydis, this is hot!” And [then] I just finished it.

Tydis ft. The New Boyz – “Make Me Say”

FreshCookiez: When did the New Boyz get on it? How did you link up with them?

Tydis: I was on the phone with them while they were doing the song and they were excited about being on the song and I was excited for them getting on it. But yeah, they [just] heard the record and hopped on it.

Photo by William Olguin | | William Olguin’s Flickr

FreshCookiez: That’s what’s up.

Tydis: Yeah I’m excited about the record, bro. When I write songs I never limit myself. I go in with a clear mind and just write what I’m feeling and hearing. [Those are] some words of wisdom I would tell to someone. Never worry yourself and stay focused on your craft. Never worry about the next man. Stay in your own zone ’cause that time will come for you, you know?

FreshCookiez: Yep. Those are true words. What can we expect from your debut album? Is it coming out anytime soon?

Tydis: Yeah it’s coming, but we are not going to rush it out. I’m going to be doing a lot of stuff but “Make Me Say” is getting ready to drop. We have Electro remixes and another version with a UK artist named Master Shortie. Again bro, I have a power house team, so I’m working. Oh, and shout out to Family Tree. Tiffany and Blue they’re in management with me too.

Tydis ft. Master Shortie – “Make Me Say”

FreshCookiez: Well, it was truly a pleasure choppin’ it up with you, man. Do you have any last words for all of your fans out there before I let you go?

Tydis: Yeah I do. I’m not looking for fans I’m looking for friends because I like for people to know who I am as a person and what I stand for. And y’all can check me out at Skype at Tydis88, Twitter @ Tydis88, Myspace @ Tydis, and Facebook @ Tydis Is The Pop Megastar. Anything is possible to those who believe. God Bless. [And] thanks for having me bro. I’m very grateful. may God lead you in everything you do and your journey.

FreshCookiez: You’re very welcome, man. Thank you for your time.


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