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  1. Hi there,

    I came across your site from the WordPress Forum

    and noticed you successfully included the TweetMeme button. I think I’ve looked at how it’s done before and all resources seem to point to a WP plugin but here you’ve got it working on a blog. How did you pull this off?

    Jan Shim

    • wsup Jan Shim? I’m surprised not many people are aware of this but has implemented the code on their site. So to use it, all you need to do is use this shortcode:


      if would like to specify you twitter name, include this: source=”your_twitter_name”
      In that case, it should look like this: [tweetmeme source=”your_twitter_name”

      If you would like for the button to appear on the home page and not not only the single post view, the add this: only_single=false

      Altogether, it looks like this: [tweetmeme source=”your_twitter_name” only_single=false

      Enjoy your new tweetmeme buttons!

      • Hi, thanks for the info. I found that simply by adding the [tweetmeme] shortcode it works possibly minus whatever customization your technique permits.

  2. o yea dont forget to close the brackets in ur shortcode. it seems i forgot to do that in my eamples

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