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Bryce aka “ohmybryce”


Bryce is 20 year old  DJ/collector/college student with an understanding for what people like.  With a knack for the outlandish weird things in life, Bryce wants to share this knowledge with the world. Starting  an alliance with his number one partner in crime Cam the Beatsmith resulted in a manifestion of FRESH COOKIEZ BLOG site . Hence the site.  With that, please indulge in the blog and become apart of the cookiez network!!!

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  1. This writer is such a hottie! He’s seems like a great guy to have on your team for the blog. I’m definitely excited to see what this blog has up its sleeve! If you need any help or support promoting your blog please let me know. I have my own personal blog (haven’t updated in FOREVER) that I would like to get back started, so maybe one of my entries can be about your music website. 🙂 Goooooodluck.! :-*

  2. you guys rawk lol

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