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Earth Gang Presents: The Better Party

Erick Arc Elliott - Noir

Euro P. Gold

  1. The writer Bryce, is such a hottie! He’s seems like a great guy to have on your team for the blog. I’m definitely excited to see what this blog has up its sleeve! If you need any help or support promoting your blog please let me know. I have my own personal blog (haven’t updated in FOREVER) that I would like to get back started, so maybe one of my entries can be about your music website. 🙂 Goooooodluck.! :-*

  2. haha fasho. that would be dope! 🙂

  3. GREAT SITE. I have some classic footage, Mr. Magic’s Funeral, Street re-naming for JMJ, LL and Flav interview 25+ ago, posted on utube/SamLeeTV. When u get a chance PLEASE REVIEW.

    • Thank you. I’ve checked a few of your videos. I really like them. I will let you know if I end up posting one of them up

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